Ten Tips to a Healthier Feast

As everyone prepares to enjoy great food, family and friends, here are a few tips to make the day a little healthier:

  1. Eat something before dinner–don’t forego breakfast or lunch in anticipation of the “big meal”.
  2. Make time for exercise–tossing the pigskin is just one idea.
  3. Socialize away from the food–it keeps the temptation to graze to a minimum.
  4. Make smart food swaps–milk for cream, sweet potatoes for mashed potatoes.
  5. Integrate new, healthier dishes with traditional favorites–roasted veggies, a fresh salad, or a fruit dessert.
  6. Use a smaller plate–it gives food a chance to settle before heading back for seconds (or thirds).
  7. Stay hydrated–water promotes a full feeling while helping body process the extra food.
  8. Stick with one dessert–select the best one and savor it!
  9. Don’t leave with leftovers–once again, it removes the temtation to graze.
  10. Ditch the guilt–it’s a once (maybe twice) a year endulgence.  Enjoy it!

These tips are courtesy of MSN.com’s Fitbie.  To see more, check out their link:http://fitbie.msn.com/slideshow/10-ways-have-healthier-thanksgiving

Do you have any tips to a healthier feast?  We’d love to hear them!


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