Opportunity to support Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry

Here’s a quick way to support Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry, who donate plenty of food to the Arkansas Foodbank each year. With every purchase of this cool car flag that says “Head’n to the Deer Woods”, you not only look stylish as you cruise to your hunting spot, but you also help fight hunger in Arkansas. For every purchase of a flag, $5 will go to Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry, who donate the fruits of their hunts to the hungry in Arkansas.

If you’re a big hunter or know someone who is, be sure to purchase your flag today!



Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry

We live in a beautiful state. Arkansans love to spend time in the great outdoors. Hunting is extremely popular in our state, which makes the organization “Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry” a brilliant idea to help curb our growing hunger problem. As we enter hunting season here in Arkansas, we felt it would be a great time to spread the word about this great organization. From their website:

“Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry (AHFH) is a community-minded program that provides venison and other wild game to those in need. Organizations, businesses, and churches of many denominations have joined farmers and hunters to transform an abundant white-tailed deer population into a renewable food source for the hungry.”

According to its website, they’ve provided 1.5 MILLION meals since its inception. That’s phenomenal!

Visit http://www.arkansashunters.org for more information on this great hunger-fighting organization.